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Unlocking the Power of Music for Each Listener

LUCID is creating the technology to unlock music’s immense power. To harness this power, we develop AI that is personalized, adaptive, and enjoyable.

Our core technologies

Affective Music Recommendation System

LUCID’s proprietary, patent-pending technology predicts and generates playlists to help users move towards their target mood state.

Biological Music Information Retrieval

A deep learning system that learns the human emotional response to music, helping LUCID understand which musical features elicit particular responses for desired health & wellness outcomes.


We begin by curating a high-quality, non-lyrical music library with highly validated therapeutic potential


Then, we measure the listener, their intentions and the context to understand the listener’s starting cognitive mood state.


Next, we deliver a music experience with the highest likelihood of achieveing the desired outcome, based on our model of the listener.


Finally, we learn and optimize for success based on the listener’s real time measurement data and our intuitive AI.

Dive Deeper into

AI-powered personalization: Our AMRS System

Our closed-loop Affective Music Recommendation System (AMRS) is an Emotion AI which enable a personalized, effective, and enjoyable digital music therapy experience.
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We’ve submitted three patents on our technology:

ABS Integration into Music

A method for seamlessly integrating binaural beats and monaural beats into a pre-existing or generated music track.

Affective Remix Engine

Automated remixes implemented by a machine learning system, optimizing your music for a single emotional outcome or an affective trajectory.

Psychological Absorption

Method, system, and medium for measuring, calibrating, and training psychological absorption.

Our Partners

We have worked with global innovators such as Field Trip Health, Mindcure, Fringe, Honeybee, and Steelcase to enhance their services and offerings.