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Exploring the Future of Music

Driven by a deep understanding of music theory, and the cognitive processes involved when we listen, LUCID is writing the future of music.

Music has a wide range of benefits - from boosting the body’s rest and recovery functions, to improving one’s focused attention. Through our research and technology, we distinguish which musical features are more likely to yield each individual outcome for wellbeing.
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Our Musical Style

LUCID’s original content library is composed of non-vocal ambient, neo-classical, chill, world, lo-fi and various other styles of instrumental music. We utilize non-vocal, instrumental music that is not available on other major streaming platforms.
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A Data-Driven Creative Process for Wellness Outcomes

With a deep understanding of the cognitive processes behind music, our music team works hand-in-hand with our BioMIR system to compose tracks optimized for mental wellbeing. A circular process is employed to continuously validate the efficacy of the music produced.
The BioMIR music library can be licensed and integrated into various health services to increase engagement and drive for specific emotional outcomes.
Digital Health Integrations