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Products & Pipeline

Together, we can create the future of medicine. We partner with leading digital health and pharmaceutical companies to develop digital music therapeutics across a range of clinical indications.

Music can be a wonderful adjunctive treatment in many therapeutic areas. Contact us to see if it fits into your product or solution.
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Uniting forces across digital health and wellness

Music is highly effective in the treatment of many health and wellness areas. We are committed to exploring its full potential, and increasing access for those who need it. This is why we offer custom integrations for our partners through SDKs and APIs.

Working together allows us to create more engaging treatment options for all.

Development pipeline

Current development phases for each clinical area we are working in

Our Products

Anxiety & Stress

A study at Ryerson University found that our technology was effective in decreasing anxiety and supported its use as part of an anxiety reduction program.

  • Participants experienced a 24 minute session of personalized music and ABS as curated by LUCID's AI
  • Anxiety reduction was 16% on average
  • Results were observed after a single 24 minute session

Our technology is also available to download through our iOS and Android app, VIBE.

In a separate study, LUCID outperformed a popular relaxation playlist from a top streaming platform. Previous studies have suggested that the anti-anxiety effects of music listening may be stronger than midazolam.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia

We are developing a novel digital therapeutic for Alzheimer’s in partnership with Japanese pharmaceutical company JT. Currently in the usability testing phase at Sheridan’s Centre of Elder Research, the aim of this project is to:

  • Reduce neuropsychiatric symptoms such as anxiety and agitation
  • Provide a low-barrier intervention with no adverse effects
  • Improve quality of life for people living with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers

Current treatment options for neuropsychiatric symptoms often come with negative side-effects and low efficacy rates. Caregivers face constant stress and burnout to find a solution that works. The need for a promising intervention is urgent.

Digital health & therapeutics

Music has a spectrum of benefits across health and wellness. We design custom plug-and-play integrations for digital health and therapeutic companies who want to engage their users using music. Past partnerships include:

  • Foster and youth care MNDYRR
  • Sleep app dayzz
  • Benefits platform Honeybee / Fringe

Through APIs and SDKs, we help partners integrate music as medicine within their treatments. From chronic pain to burnout, we are connecting the science to real-world use cases.

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