Transforming music into medicine

At LUCID, we create digital therapeutics using cutting-edge Emotion AI to improve health & wellness using the power of music. We are creating accessible and personalized digital therapeutics for all.
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Our research partners

The future of health

Experience the magic of music as medicine

We create digital therapeutics using cutting-edge Emotion AI to improve health & wellness using the power of music.

What we do

Evidence-based Digital Music Therapy

Personalized technology

Music moves people in different ways. Our advanced Emotion AI learns and adapts the music experience to each individual.

Validated by Science

Partnering with leading research institutions helps us validate that our solution is rooted in science and evidence.

Engaging music

Listening to music is naturally engaging and therapeutic. We’re bringing the enjoyment of music to the often stressful world of medicine.

How We Help

Digital Health & Therapeutics

With our APIs, you can provide personalized digital music therapy sessions within your app or platform. Our easy to integrate APIs enable best-in-class audio streaming and proprietary user measurement tools.
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Alzheimer's &

We’ve partnered with leading researchers and pharmaceutical developers to build a music-based digital therapeutic targeting symptoms of Alzheimer’s such as agitation and anxiety.
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& Stress

LUCID’s music technology reduces stress and boosts positive mood in a personalized and effective way. Our technology was effective in decreasing anxiety by 16% in a recent clinical trial published in PLOS One.
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“[This intervention] allows the person to feel as if they are making a difference in their own treatment."

Dr. Shara Sand, Chief Psychologist Manhattan School of Music Counseling Centre

“This is much more than a feel-good app. It is really rooted in clinical validation.”

Kathryn Wortsman, Managing Partner Amplify Capital

"There are huge advancements happening in digital health, and we’re excited to unite ML and music with LUCID."

Stéphane Létourneau, Executive Vice President Mila


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